La version anglaise de cette page a été faite par mon frère Gérard, qu'il en soit ici remercié. le Majesty of the seas Next : For one year now, more than 242,000 people have viewed more than 412,000 pages Thanks to all of them. François Zanella's boat But who is François Zanella ? Maybe you've heard of him or seen him on "Thalassa", the French TV programme? François is an ex coal miner of the Lorraine Collieries. He has always built models, most of the time model boats. One day, he decided to build a model that was not 2 m long, but 33.50!   It is a model one eighth of a huge liner: The Royal Carribbean International, which operate the liner, have a nice website that you can visit if you click on the boat above. The real liner is 268 m long, 33 m wide and it weighs 73,941 tons. It was built in 1992 at the shipyard "Chantiers de l'Atlantique" in Saint-Nazaire, France, and it can accommodate up to 2354 passengers and 827 crew members. But let's come back to dear old François.   His model, if one may still call it so, has become a real masterpiece whose structure weighs 70 tons,out of a total weight of 90 tons. Of course, this liner which was built in his backyard will eventually sail as it has been built according to the standards of manufacture and checked by competent authorities. François started building his boat on 10 August 1994 after logging 3500 hours drawing plans. He totalled about 25,000 hours to achieve his dream. He, for sure, has no idea of what a 35-hour working week is. François first built a shed in which he started working on his project. July 1995: he finished the prow in his hangar and then had to take out this 11 m long piece weighing 17 tons in order to have it sandblasted and painted. 1997: GESA Soudure and CARBOXYQUE, 2 companies headquartered in Forbach (Moselle)  offered François 1 ton soldering yarn and all the gas to finish the boat. Then he finished the stern which he had to take out too. In the meantime, François' friends created an association in Saint-Nazaire and called it "Zanella Majesty folie's" ; Armel, Roland, Stéphane, André, and Jean-François, the team of Saint-Nazaire, at work. Once the stern was out, François started working on the central part and his friends in Saint-Nazaire came to weld the three parts together, which saved him 4 months' work. This is the team of Saint-Nazaire with François: Roland, Jean-François, Armel and André. As you can see on the picture below, the anchors have been set up. They weigh 80 kg each. 1999: TSV company, based in Stiring-Wendel (Moselle) lifted the boat and landed it onto concrete blocks. February 1999: France Hélices offered François two propellers, which François estimated at its true worth. This is what it looks like on the boat: The stem propellers April 1999: SNAT, Saint-Nazaire came to deliver furniture coming from "Chantiers de l'Atlantique" to put it up in François' boat. SCHMITT, a lumbering company based in Lachambre (Moselle) is about to put in the bathroom installations offered by "Chantiers de l'Atlantique". This requires careful aiming to get it in the right place 29 May 1999: Putting up of the funnel in the presence of the press and all the sponsors. It was very moving and the siren did hoot. My wife's poem to celebrate the putting up of the funnel on 29 May 1999. This is not a word for word translation, of course. Almost 5 years ago now, François, a long since inhabitant of Morsbach, Sailed out on a long cruise. What was only a dream in the beginning, Soon became an unbelievable passion: To build his own boat, that was his mission. From dream to reality, there was only a bridge to cross, Which he did, wearing no life-jacket but a boiler suit instead, Ever since navigating between pipes and metal scraps, Hammers, screws, soldered pieces and pliers. Relatives and friends often come alongside This master piece ready for all weathers. "Cast off ! " will soon be the words pronounced By a nice, deserving, persevering and famous sailor, Living in a small village of Lorraine, Who is bound to become a real captain some day.   PASCALE JOANNES 29 May 1999   May 1999 : The Centre de Formation WAAG of Forbach (Moselle) helped François by lending him a trailer to fetch ceiling boards, pannels and furniture in the workshops of Montoir (Loire-Atlantique) The truck was lent by Garage Pierrard, the Renault heavy vehicles dealer in Saint-Avold (Moselle). Loading and way back from Saint-Nazaire June 1999: Putting up of the bathroom installations, which are the same as those of the liner "Vision F 31", offered by Chantiers de l'Atlantique de Saint-Nazaire It looks real. July 1999: Anstallation of the first sleeping-room, coming from the liner "Mistral", also built at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique. August 1999: during the cruise on board the real Majesty of the Seas, François is introduced to the Captain and visits the wheelhouse. November 1999: Installation of the second sleeping-room, coming from the liner "Dreamward", built in the Chantiers de l'Atlantique. 04 December 1999: At the Paris Boat Show : François is introduced to Georges Pernoud, the famous TV presenter of "Thalassa". May 2000: François conceived and built two lifts. Manu-Lorraine, based in Enery (Moselle), offered two masts of a fork-lift truck. Mangin, based in Saint-Avold and Ronal France, Bitche (Moselle) offered somewhat special shower doors and this is the result : And it works !
compteur de visite
My friend François has passed away but I will leave the following pages on line. That’s the best homage I can pay to him. Fair journey dear Captain.